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About us

We are the world’s first network of private fitness spaces. We repurpose small offices into private studios you can rent by the hour to do what you came to do - whether it's to treat your clients, exercise with friends, or work out alone, we want you to make it happen. We hope that in building these spaces for you, you get the privacy, reliability, and independence you need to get it done.

How it all started

The idea of Silofit came about when I was looking for a gym to join - one that was nearby to squeeze in a work out here and there. The problem was, I was out of town on a regular basis, and when I wasn’t, I’d be commuting around the city for work. Maybe the issue at hand had nothing to do with the gym, and everything to do with the strings attached.

The reality is, being tied down is a valid concern for a lot of people, and committing to one monthly membership isn’t feasible for everyone. That’s where we come in.

By repurposing unused spaces into private studios you can rent on-demand, at your own convenience and on a budget, we hope to give you back the power. Come twice a day, or once a month - that’s your call.

Ever since Adrien (CTO), Johan (Head of Product Design) and I came together, it’s been our mission to create spaces for people to bring goals - lofty or little - to life. In building these private studios for you, we hope to see your goals become a reality.

- Wilfred Valenta, CEO

And here we are today

Our Brand Manifesto

Most believe that experiences are for the privileged few. But we’re trailblazers, here to shatter the status quo. We break the rules and tear the contracts. The truth is, experiences are for everyone. They are what define us. You are unique, you earned it, and you made it happen. Your space - where you sweat, breathe, and move - should be as unique as you are.

Our perks

Health benefits

3 weeks vacation

Flex hours & work from home

Monthly team outings & lunches

Free access to our Silos

Employee referral program

Welcome swag

Open positions

Scrum Master
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